And So We Begin… Capturing My Insights as They Come

A New Year, New Energy, and Insights are Popping

A recent Aha! Moment made me see the wisdom of posting frequently online as insights come to me. Many insights end up in baskets, to be part of one book or another. Or some are nudged into a mug design for my Etsy shop. And sometimes, I send out an email sharing a latest Binkle-rich moment.

Posting them so quickly here will be an ideal way for me to do something with these insights when they’re “fresh out of the oven.” It’s stuff I’m writing and/or entering into the computer already, but with the advantage that they’re out into the world while fresh. That’s the key. And it’s not all going to be my writing. I can react to things I see on Youtube, online, or in books I enjoy – or not.

So, this website will be filled with things I’m thinking about, some as it happens. Posts will be “longer than a T-shirt or mug slogan, but shorter than a book chapter.” So doing this will actually have the effect of cutting down the number of loose ends I can’t find the time or energy to deal with. That way, they won’t pile up, adding to “one ball too many” frustrations.

Fluent Pen is in the Flow

This is actually a project of Nellie Green – my younger-self persona. She’s the side of myself who’s been the driving force of my Etsy shop creativity. (Starting from zero, within two years I/she created over 700 products/designs, each unique to me. Each using words I’ve written or said.) So, such a small scale is just right for her can-do approach.

Yesterday, I stripped the out-of-date content out of this website and designed the header – and a matching logo. Today, I organize the site structure and get it ready for posts. Here’s the first post – even before the website is fully set up. It needs to get started WITHOUT DELAYS. The fact that I’m doing this at all, despite all the other obligations tugging at me, is evidence of the new energy surge that has recently hit the planet:

Don’t sit on ideas, or inspiration, or Binkles. Find a way to pu them to use. Find a way to spread them around, to keep them front and center in your life.

And so I am – and will. And you should too.

That is exactly what this website will be used for. There’s no question that there is “wanna happen energy” flowing. It’s a BonBon. This has come together in less than a week. All of it at the start of a new year, a new cycle, a high-energy surge. I’m running on Binkle Power!

A BonBon for Fresh Beginnings

From More BonBons and Tasty Treats © 2017

I Wanna Have that Wanna-Happen Energy

A BonBon

Once in a while, a project or idea comes together of its own accord. It’s so seamless, spontaneous, and rapid I just have to hang on. There’s a singleness of purpose that pushes aside whatever else competes for my time, attention, or energy. Something in me recognizes “it’s got a mind of its own.” What it is trying to do is counter-intuitive, which means I wouldn’t have thought to do that in a million years.

Wanna-Happen Energy puts me in unresisting overdrive. This is Clear Sailing Energy, but riding on a schooner instead of a dinghy. It takes over my Do List. But it doesn’t stay there long because what needs doing is so quickly accomplished. Then the whole thing is off to what’s next, because it wants to happen. If it joins up with the buoyancy of Lift-off Energy, there could be a game-change. Things really start to move!

The energetic surge pulls me right along. Yet this process isn’t hurried so much as incredibly efficient. Unerringly, no thought or motion is wasted or off-track. I get even more oomph from doing the work—without feeling drained at all. I’m energized! I’m almost giddy about getting to do it because it feels like such a privilege to be involved.

This state of affairs resembles a blueprint just waiting to be made tangible—no trial and error or fumbling around. Somehow, on some level, it’s apparent this isn’t half-baked or a pile of unrelated pieces. But it exists as a whole, with just a bit of assembly required of me.

This is not Breakthrough Energy since there are no barriers or logjams to be breached. Nothing stands in its way. The force of it overrides existing everyday rhythms and routines, as it proceeds toward its driving purpose.

You feel a rush of joy and delight as Wanna-Happen Energy is going on. But after it passes there’s a saddened letdown. Not yet! . . . Oh no. . . is it over?! You realize that whatever just happened was an event—something special to be pondered and reflected upon. But wondering about hows and whys can’t explain it—or bring it back.

That burst of energy didn’t arise from you, but you gladly played your part. Now your role is to watch with reverent appreciation to see what comes of it. But you certainly can’t help wishing for some more of that Wanna-Happen Energy again.

— Faith Lynella,