My Opinion Regarding the 2020 Pandemic



  1. As a lawyer, I am particularly concerned about the slippery slope of how quickly our freedoms can be lost. And how nearly impossible it is to regain them.
  2. As an Alaskan, I have always been a freedom-driven person, who is wary of group-think and the forces that try to restrain independent thinking.
  3. As a former employee of the Public Health Service in Alaska (and the public health departments around Denver), I am aware of the vital and unheralded role they play in the health of a community.
  4. As a former biostatistician (health statistics) in those roles, I have an intimate knowledge of the value of trustworthy data – and how easily such information can be manipulated, misinterpreted, or ignored.
  5. As a person in the “most vulnerable group,” who is over 75, with a compromised immune system, and multiple underlying health conditions (like surviving cancer), I have a dog in this fight.
  6. As a patriotic American, whose heart bleeds to see how our economy, communities, and hard-working citizens are suffering through this abrupt reversal of fortune, it is impossible not to feel compassion for those being hurt the most – yet pride in the spunk of those who are in the front lines of dealing with the challenges. And this is equally true for all the rest of the world, as far as I am concerned.
  1. As a philosopher and spiritually-oriented person, who is rooted in the big  picture and senses God’s presence in the affairs of men, I recognize God’s fingerprints all over this.
  2. As a human being, it is time for each of us to listen more wisely to our higher angels that urge us to live with greater kindness and compassion in dealing with whatever life throws our way. Each person can and should do more, and with greater love.
  3. As a writer, I am keenly aware of the magnificent human-interest stories that are being “written” as people step out of habitual routines and find new ways of making meaningful choices and interactions.
  4. As the Binkle Lady, I see it all through binkle-colored glasses, and see how binkle energy has such a marvelous role to play as we allow that energy to flow. [BINKLE – the energy created when people really connect, or when you are inspired or grateful]
  5. As a person who is alive in the modern world and at this point in time, I am aware that this is our generation’s “come to Jesus” moment – as a point of being called to turn toward the light. And history will judge us (individually and collectively) according to how this period plays out. There is no going back.
  6. As your friend or relative (and even if you don’t know me), I am speaking from my heart to yours, with all the love I feel exists between us, and with all the Binkle energy within me that I can send your way, I want you to come through this stronger, wiser, kinder, and more engaged than ever before.

For it is our place to take this opportunity to make whatever we touch a bit better than before. 

Love and Binkles, Faith

Faith Lynella – Eclectic Author, and

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