SURVIVOR of the Big Bad Wolf

Surviving is a Big Deal

Your Big Bad Wolf is whatever it is that really, really scares you. Or that pushes your I’m overwhelmed buttons. Too often, in the past it might have brought you down. But sometimes you can win against it. Win against past fears, and failures.

Celebrate those victories! They are monumental! And each success makes you stronger and more confident. Each is a shield against self-doubt and discouragement. You’re bigger than your big, bad wolves.

Introducing my Etsy Shop

I have been a writer for many years. Several years ago, I decided to turn some of my quotes into designs for T-shirts, mugs, and similar products. That’s how I came to start my Seize the Spark Shop. That refers to the sparks of creativity, insight, upbeat energy. or in this case, of triumph over fear.

I’ve made about 800 custom designs since I started. AllĀ  made without Photoshop or sophisticated graphic software, thank you. All made with notgraphic design training. Many, like my Survivor Series, can be considered mini-trophies. It’s not a mug; it’s a reminder that you can win, have won, and can do so again.

Most of my sayings or designs would have worked as bumper stickers, back in the day. But at least when they’re on on a mug, you get to see the sign, the meaningful words day in and day out. So I don’t sell mugs in that shop; they are signs. They are trophies. They are reminders. They are gifts for a person who deserves to be acknowledged in some way.

For me, writing something as short as a fortune cookie, rather than longer pieces or whole books is a whole new experience. But I like to say something that can touch a person deeply, or can bring a smile, or make them ponder a bit. Many of the designs in my shop are quirky, but like this website, they are FRESH SQUEEZED INSIGHTS of mine.

A Touching Experience

A writer loves to learn that our words have made a difference in somebody’s life. Not lot ago, somebody bought this very mug from my shop. We ended up exchanging severalĀ  emails. She had survived not one Big Bad Wolf, but two. So, finding this mug touched her deeply. She’s a lot stronger person now. And I like to think that what she and I had to say to each other helped to reinforce her newfound outlook on life. That’s why I say my shop is not selling mugs, but insights. I feel the same about this blog. Who knows where my words will touch?! Or how they come upon. That’s what keeps me writing and sharing the insights that come my way.


Get the Mug. Or visit my shop just to look around. Seize the Spark Shop